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After 15 successful years The Yoga Way says, "bye for now." Heather is taking a hiatus from running the school, but will continue to teach both internationally and in Toronto. Read Heather's Open Letter here. 



Freedom of the Body: Primary elements of the back with Heather Morton 

Now available as a download. The first of its kind as an instructional DVD on the backbends of yoga. Hard copies are out-of-stock.  

Derived and inspired from its original source Yogacharya V. Venkatesha (a renowned Yoga Master), Heather Morton presents the bedrock of backbending yoga. Having studied under Yogacharya for 12 years consistently, Heather guides you through the key elements and fundamentals of backbends. This DVD reveals the sequencing, breathing method and counter postures unique to the practice.    

Backbends are a gateway to purifying and cleansing the physical body and mind. Known for developing profound flexibility, balance and stamina they also release hidden tensions and stress. Backbends ignite our fullest potential for continued growth and challenging our edges. Heather gives you in this DVD straightforward instructions, tips and support in learning backbends without fear. Her work and practice sheds a brilliant 'light' on an often underdeveloped area for many students, teacher and practitioners of yoga.   

Check out: Freedom of the Body with Heather Morton

Photo Credit: EK Park



Backbending Workshop: 

Backbends are full body and mind. They enhance energy and vitality as well as develop the desirable flexible back.  Using the physical body the aim, however, is not just to increase flexibility but to release mental tensions. It could also be said that backbending is a journey in rediscovering the body's potential and becoming free of stress, and tension. 

Inspired by my primary teacher Yogacharya Venkatesha, backbends are a full practice in overcoming fear, developing balance and extending the spine. In this workshop we will trouble-shoot different areas such as the underdeveloped low back, tight shoulders, stubborn waist and stiff chest. These are ultimately different for each person and why there is limited space.                     

With attention to the right breathing and alignment you will have the foundation from which you can bend upon!

Dates: Wed. April 11 & 18

Time: 6 to 8:30 p.m.    

Limited Spaces. Register early.              



Breathing and backbending





Backbending (one-on-one) Training

Contents: Each class begins with exercises combined with the with the breath (prana) and focus points (drishtis). Learn the sun salutations unique to the practice for the back. The practice sequence is designed according to your goals and abilities.  The focus is to create a practice that will help develop flexibility, strength and balance. Classes include a 61-point exercise in deep relaxation.

To register call TYW (416) 944-1415





Arm & Headstand Intensive: Limited spaces

Learn to balance and build up the strength for a nicely controlled headstand and in arm balance asanas. Limited to 5 students. Includes conditioning exercises, which are inspired by Yogacharya Venkatesh (Heather's primary teacher in India). These are for the lower abdomen, back and legs. The class concludes with a 61-point exercise for deep relaxation and rest.

Date: Stay tuned! 

Time: TBA  

Call TYW (416) 944-1415



Open Yoga Classes

TYW offers open classes. These are in the hatha-yoga tradition, backbending, kriya (cleansing techniques) and meditation. 

No experience necessary. You just need to bring your own mat. 

No pre-registration. Call TYW (416) 944-1415 for more.                    


Charity & Karma Classes 

Called karma yoga classes the proceeds go to support a worthy charity in Toronto or within the world!                    

In addition to the karma classes at TYW, Heather supports children in India by giving monetary gifts and teaching English. Since 2004, Heather began teaching at a private school in Mysore, India. This past year marked her 8th visit.  

Learn more at Outreach. From August to September 2011, Heather taught daily English classes. Her interaction, support and friendship contributes to the lives of many young Indian children and their futures. 


SSO Yoga Class in support of the 7th annual Yogathan.  

Dates: February 11, 2012 ~ $200 raised! ~  


Assaulted Women's Helpline

Date: December 17, 2011. Improving support for call centers and help lines for women facing violence. ~ $85 raised! ~  


New Leaf Yoga                                                                               

Dates: May 21 & June 11, 2011

Proceeds support bringing yoga into mentorship and leadership programs as well as community awareness for empowering today's youth. ~ $300 raised! ~


Japan Crisis Class 
Date: April 2, 2011
Think Globally and Act Locally. Funds raised help support the Japanese Crisis. Proceeds will go to the Canadian Red Cross. ~ $651 raised! ~



SSO Class
Date: March 5, 2011
Supporting the 6th annual Yogathon for
Schizophrenia Society of Ontario.  ~ $423 raised! ~


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